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Always a fave

I have been buying this for quite a while, I run and it’s fantastic for energy and recovery. Always have it in my supplement box!

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
Margaret M. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Organic Blackcurrant Powder

Just love this, I look forward to it on my cereal every morning.

Soft Dried Organic Blackcurrants 100g
Christel H. (Adelaide, Australia)
Little powerhouses

I used to eat fresh black currants from my grandparents garden 70 years ago. These berries brought a bit of my childhood back. I have a handful every day but wish I could buy some in Australia. Black Currants have so many health benefits.

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 40g
Ian a.S.L. (Auckland, New Zealand)

We love mixing these with the other prepared berries. Either on their own or mixed with others they don't last long!!! Thats the only issue we have, we always want MORE!!
Don't take our word for this. Get yours and find out for yourself!!


Have been ordering for quite a while, can't recommend you enough, love it!

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 200g (20x Sachets)
Paulina (Whangarei, New Zealand)
Convenient sachets

I like the convenience of storing blackcurrant powder in sachets. Also the powder is easier to store in my small pantry than whole blackcurrants..

NOiR 58% Organic Dark Chocolate Rolled Blackcurrants 90g are the best

Fantastic. When mixed with the freeze dried ones they are even better amaging!!!
We will be buying more. Thank you

chilhood memories

reminds me of the glorious wild black currant jam I ate when I grew up on a farm in northern Alberta

Glorious colour and taste

I love this product and I use it in smoothies and yoghurt all the time. I find it clumps a lot. Maybe that’s a good thing as it could possibly mean viberi is not putting nasty anti-clumping powders and agents into its products? It might be worth sending a small card explaining why the clumping to its clients?

So good

I have found that whenever I get a sore throat I take a good scoop of this and within 24 hours it seems to go. You can taste the goodness

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
David C. (Auckland, New Zealand)

This gives my morning smoothie a lovely berry flavour and produces a creamier texture. I understand it is one of the richest sources of quercetin available so we should all be taking some every day !

Soft Dried Organic Blackcurrants 100g
Alana (Christchurch, New Zealand)
soft dried blackcurrants

Thought I would try something different, but not sure about these soft dried blackcurrants (I usually eat the freeze-dried ones on my cereal). I dislike raisons and to me these blackcurrants have a similar consistency (but luckily taste better than raisons!!!). So, I think I will stick to the freeze-dried ones.

Freeze Dried Organic Blackcurrants 120g
Alana (Christchurch, New Zealand)
A great product

For a number of years, I have been eating freeze dried blackcurrants daily with my cereal and I am sure they have helped keep my brain alert. Having read about the effects of menopause on brain function - I think my daily blackcurrant dose has kept brain fog at bay. I also believe they are good for heart health too - a great little superfood. Highly recommended.

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Eric N. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great value

Love the stuff

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
Dirk d.J. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Black currants!

Great product ... use every day.


Beware-you may eat the whole bag!
Perfect for topping on baked goods and as a lunchbox snack for the kids (if you can handle sharing)

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
emily d. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Use it everyday!

I use it everyday in my smoothie, live the texture and flavour, always feeling super good in the morning after I have it :)

I am delighted with results and have been taking it for more than a year now.
And have recommended Viberi to a lot of my friends.
I was having injections for wet Macular in both eyes for several years and have not needed an injection for the whole of last year.
So please keep doing your good work and keep on supplying me with your friendly service.
Thanks a million. Ineke.

Transitional Blackcurrant Powder 1kg
Annette F. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Fast recovery

Helps with my recovery after exercise - take it in my smoothie or chia pudding, tastes great too

Gift for friend

Good product - very easy to use in conjunction with other fruits, friend makes smoothies for health and finds product excellent.

A daily treat

The best coffee to start the day, an excellent Claret at the end of a working day, followed by a handful of Viberi chocolate blackcurrants. This is a good day.

Fantastic product

Love this product , enjoyed it in smoothies. Great source of vitamin c

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
Beve T. (Christchurch, New Zealand)
My morning go too

I have been taking ViBERi blackcurrant powder for years now. 🥰🤗
I put it on my morning cereal every day, all year round, i absolutelylove it.
I also take the individual sachet with me when we go camping.
Helps me feel healthy and protects my body from colds and flu!
I recommend this powder whole heartedly 👌
thank you for making a fabulous New Zealand made and grown product! 😀

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
Manasi G. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Energy and Antioxidant Boost

I use the Viberi Organic Black Currant Powder in my smoothie and love it. It has an energising effect and knowing that I am getting high quality Vitamin C as well antioxidants, just makes me happy. Love the product. Thank you!

Organic Blackcurrant Powder 450g (Loose Powder)
Customer (Auckland, New Zealand)
Good customer Service and product

The courier mistakenly sent my parcel to the incorrect address, but the customer service promptly assisted with resolving the issue. Additionally, the product is of good quality.

Customers rate us 4.9/5 based on 655 reviews.


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