Our Orchard

ViBERi organic Blackcurrants are grown in some of the world’s best soils in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

map-nz-pleasantpointSouth Canterbury is an ideal location to grow blackcurrants and red currants. Blackcurrants require a cold winter, a mild summer, good free draining soils and year round moisture. In these regards, the fertile alluvial plains of South Canterbury, along with the pure water from the majestic Southern Alps provides the ideal conditions for blackcurrants.

ViBERi organic blackcurrants and red currants are grown in an organic certified orchard next to Pleasant Point, two hours south of Christchurch.

The area is famous for its high quality Blackcurrants containing some of the highest levels of anthocyanins (a type of anti-oxidant) in the world. This is because of South Canterbury’s unique mix of high sunlight hours, fertile soils and excellent rainfall.

ViBERi New Zealand Limited grow the only significant, commercial, organic crop of blackcurrants in New Zealand* and are proud of it. Going Organic was a big step but – in the words of grower Tony Howey – “It gives our buyers peace of mind and infuses the Blackcurrants with a richer taste.” Tony is passionate about growing foods he knows taste great and keep people healthy!

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