It has long been known how many health benefits are packed inside a blackcurrant.

We call ViBERi organic blackcurrants a superfood becuase they contain extremely high levels of Vitamic C, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Our blackcurrants also contain anthocyanins, the compound that gives our berries their rich dark purple colour.

Combine this with ideal growing conditions, 100% organic certification and a passionate team committed to bringing you pure premium products, and you too will enjoy the vitality and vitamins of ViBERi!

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home-mapAll our biogro certified organic blackcurrants are grown on one large orchard in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

These fertile soils under the shadow of New Zealand’s Southern Alps are what give our blackcurrants their rick colour, flavour and nutrients. The area is well regarded for its free draining soils and well defined seasons.



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We offer our organic blackcurrants in exiting variations.

Shelf stable freeze or soft dried berries, along with snap frozen straight off the farm. Or perhaps you may prefer to indulge in our Belgian chocolate covered blackcurrants? 100% organic of course.